Taking the Foundations of Herbalism class was a journey that I’ll be processing for years to come. It felt so whole and nourishing to build community from the ground up, especially during the challenging time of COVID. Our class bonded so deeply with plants and one another. I feel as though we graduated herb school with a second family AND an entire bookcase of herbal medicine. A true collective effort and gift from Laura, Equinox, all our stunning teachers and, of course, the plants.

In this class dove deep into the topics of empowered health, and collective wellbeing. I loved being able to watch each person in the program grow more passionate, capable and intuitive in their journey with plant medicine. For me, this class was just the beginning! Foundations of Herbalism really sparked my interest in plant chemistry and “defining” the science of energetics for myself and others. I’m so looking forward to continuing my education with Equinox.