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Hemp Fiber Weaving Seminar: Fiber Spinning + Weaving

March 23 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Journey with us on an adventure through the hemp fiber making process in a hands-on, skill-learned Hemp Fiber Weaving Seminar: from Stalk to Spin to Weave.
Last year’s 2023 hemp stalk harvest is currently “retting” (weathering) in preparation for fiber processing (separating the long fibers from the stalk).
On Friday evening, we will begin processing the harvested hemp stalks by manually breaking and separating the small woody fibers (hurd) from the long outer fibers (bast).
Saturday morning will be a wild ride of carding and spinning the long fibers in preparation to be woven. And Saturday afternoon we will weave the fibers onto a loom.
Sunday is Funday with a silent auction for the homegrown, home processed, home-made HEMP woven art rug! …as well as many other hemp products.
All the industrial hemp fibers were grown in northern Colorado with help from the surrounding Fort Collins community. Thanks to all who worked the 2023 Planting Ceremony in May, the Harvest Hoedown in September, and all the watering parties in-between.
We are woven together.

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March 23
11:00 am - 5:00 pm