The Equinox Center Community Support for Community Space Membership program supports our mission of providing you with accessible, holistic and inclusive herbalism. Your contributions go directly towards:

Free and low-cost hands-on herbal workshops for all to join

Diversification of guest teachers from our community and beyond

Financially accessible bulk herbs and herb-crafting supplies for your home apothecary

Free community events that exhibit and support local artists, artisans and musicians

Daily tea, on the house, for all who enter

An extensive herbal library to fuel your personal herbalism journey

A welcoming, healing community space

And so much more!

All contributions help sustain this vision and cultivate a vibrant and diverse environment. Whether you are able to support with one dollar or one hundred dollars per month, your community support builds our ever-growing community space. 

We hold immense to gratitude for those near and far who support our community space with an Equinox Center Membership. We wouldn’t be here without you!