Chelsea Gilmore is an artist, educator, and herbalist living and working in the Front Range of Colorado. As a youngster, Chelsea had an affinity to all things nature, art and food, and in her growing years found ways to combine these fascinations. Through the years, she has worked on organic farms, been a garden and farm educator, art teacher, worked at local markets and bakeries, and taught nutrition, cooking, and food preservation classes.

Along with her passions in cooking and food security, Chelsea is a certified herbalist through the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies, in Fort Collins, where she has spent nearly four years intensively participating in advanced studies of herbalism. Chelsea likes long walks in the forest, foraging wild foods, dancing like nobody’s watching, and in her free time she likes to start new experiments with food and herbs.

At Equinox Center, Chelsea shares her love of food, food preservation and herbs in our interactive, hands on fermentation series as well as joining us for Materia Medica presentations.