Equinox Center of Herbal Studies is an herbal education center, community gathering space and herbcrafting market and apothecary located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our education program, community space and Herb Shop is located in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado and locally owned and directed by Laura Cascardi, who founded the Center in 2014. Equinox Center is an interactive space held by volunteers, students and herbalists who believe that herbalism is for everyone and we create a welcoming environment for all of those wishing to explore and experience plant medicine.

Our goal at Equinox Center is to offer a variety of opportunities to engage in herbalism that fits a large spectrum of individuals. We offer individual workshops and classes; an intensive herbal studies program; private wellness consultations; a reading nook with an herbal based library; and a walk-in apothecary herb shop with organic bulk herbs, essential oils and many other herbcrafting supplies.

Whether you are an experienced herbalist or a novice, we welcome you to Equinox Center of Herbal Studies. Feel free to check out our event calendar and Instagram page with more updates on workshops, special concerts, and updates with our herb store and herbal center.

Join our Herbal Education Program! This program is a 10 month comprehensive herbal studies program which includes over 375 hours of classroom time.

Looking to increase your herbal knowledge from afar? Join us in our third online herbalism class: Materia Medica Intensive!

Check out our list of programs with applications open from November Through January.